About Me

I am a native Nebraskan born in 1986, when the Challenger space shuttle exploded during lift off. I’ve never lived outside of my native state but enjoy traveling, especially to the New England area. I deeply enjoy the history associated with New England like the American Revolutionary War. I am a Red Sox and Patriots fan, because when I grew up the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs were horrible.

I am a political junkie and I minored in political science when studying at the University of Nebraska system – my major is English. I am deeply enthralled with history and almost minored in history instead of political science – the decision was made by a coin flip. My favorite era spans from the early 17th century focusing on the Thirty Years War, the American Revolutionary War, the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, World War 1 and World War 2. In a more modern sense, found myself enthralled with how radical or extremist movements (whether religious or secular) were founded and carried out their operations.

I am a nerd and remember watching Babylon 5 as a kid with my father whenever a new episode premiered on television. In high school, I read Judith Guest’s amazing book, Ordinary People, and fell in love the content and nuances. I am a huge fan of Jon Krakuer.


When I write I combine my love of science fiction with my experiences studying, and living as an adult. I used to write from a single character’s narration (in a yet unfinished work) but switched to a multiple character narration. While I think multiple narrators initially is more difficult for the reader, the challenge of seeing from the character’s perspective is worth it. I believe it also makes the reader to question the integrity of the character as a narrator and for the reader to rely on multiple characters to get a good assessment of any character.

I tend to focus on older characters and challenged myself to get into the mindset of three teenagers named Philip, Tristan and Nathan. My characters are far from perfect, in a yet unfinished work, the story was told by a Colonel in service of the Third Reich, who faced the dual realities of working for and against the Nazis.

The characters are not always ordinary but deal with every day problems of personal loyalty, struggles with family and their belonging in the larger world. One of the most challenging aspects of writing is making characters like Philip, Tristan and Nathan who are the sons of a General, Deputy Attorney General, and a Senator running for President, come off as ordinary, flawed individuals.

I am a lover of symbolism and irony, hence the work with Philip, Tristan and Nathan is aptly titled Within the Grasp of Ordinary.