Welcome to 2242.

The United Earth Directorate has weathered countless crises in the past 200 years since the signing of the UNITED ACT. The greatest challenge, a series of independence movements which originated in far-flung colonies have inched closer to the cradle of civilization.

Philip Andersen is the youngest child of General Thomas Andersen, who is stationed in high orbit above the terraforming Mars. Humanity’s second home has been beset with a series of terrorist attacks and is not far from outright rebellion.When Philip’s older twin brothers die, his father attempts to repair an estranged relationship.

Nathan Welch is the middle child of Senator David Welch, a politician who has long wanted to claim the Presidency. Senator Welch understands the movement towards independence is dividing point but believes a strong push towards home rule is in the best interest for the species.

Tristan Beck is the only child of Devin Beck, a lawyer who has served two different political administrations. Attempting to bond with his son, Devin plans a boating trip and allows Tristan to invite his friends.

A freak storm catches Devin, his teenage son and friends off-guard, and lives will forever be altered. General Andersen and Senator Welch must delicately handle a full plate of political opposition, military insubordination and rebellion on the home-front, all while vying for the competing visions for the future of the Directorate and humanity.





Bridging the Grasp of Ordinary

The Directorate has survived…

President David Welch has carefully steered the ship for almost six years over the fragile framework of government which was severely shaken when the crimes of his predecessor were made public in Christensen Papers. President Welch now faces his most difficult challenge, re-election, which is made more burdensome by the untimely death of his Vice President.

A hidden terror has lingered in the deepest crevices of everybody’s mind, the whereabouts of the treasonous Sixth Operations Group, which escaped from justice’s arms. Out of the blue, a satellite and other craft are mysteriously destroyed and government officials are in a scramble to explain away the incident.

Mired in a losing battle between a tough re-election cycle and a possible resurgence of General Thomas Andersen’s renegade command, President Welch entrusts his staff to concoct a game-changing plan to win the election and refocus the public’s attention on a long-forgotten threat.

Philip Andersen, aided by his closet friends, has survived in the shadows cast by his father’s public betrayal. Presented with a unique opportunity, Philip weighs his desire to create a family and be a better man than his father or play a starring role in clearing the family name from its association with treason.